Mount Kilimanjaro National Park

Size: 1 668 square kilometres (5 700 square miles) 
Location: Tanzania’s border with Kenya, 76 kilometres (46 miles) from Kilimanjaro, International Airport
Visitors per year: 58 460
Known for: Trekking to the highest summit in Africa at 5 895 metres (19 336 feet) 
Minimum days required: 6


When is the best time to climb Kilimanjaro? 
Ideal conditions are usually found from August to October and from January to March.

What's the best way to combine safari & a Kili climb?
We recommend you start with a Kili climb, and then head out on safari. We can make sure the accommodation on safari includes a relaxing massage to help you recover from the climb! 

How tough of a climb is it?
Although the altitude is formidable, the climb itself is relatively gentle. The guiding principle is ‘pole, pole’ or slowly, slowly, and a summit usually take 5-7 days in total. A basic level of fitness is necessary, but the greatest challenge is dealing with the altitude. It’s difficult to predict how an individual will react to the altitude, but our guides are all highly experienced and the route and pace will be chosen based on your desired level of challenge and your fitness.

What if I can't, or don't want to, summit?
Then you'll still have an amazing adventure! If you don't have time for a summit, if you'd rather stay at lower altitudes, we can still arrange an unforgettable climb through a unique landscape.

What should I pack?
In addition to the clothing recommended in our FAQ section, for Kilimanjaro climbs, we recommend thermal underwear, a warm jacket and good socks and hiking boots.