Tarangire National Park

Size: 2 850 square kilometres (1 100 square miles) 
Location: 106 kilometres (66 miles) west from Arusha, near Lake Manyara National Park
Visitors per year: 161 792
Minimum days required: 1
Known for: One of the largest elephant populations in the world; stunning views over plains dominated by baobab trees
Animal population: 

  • Zebra: very high

  • Gazelle: very high

  • Giraffe: very high

  • Elephant: highest

  • Lion: high

  • Wildebeest: high

  • African Buffalo: significant

  • Hippo: significant


How can I book my safari?
At Kaya Safari, we make it easy for you to choose your unique adventure. You can email or call us (click here) or you can take advantage of our unique online booking system (click here) where you can:

  1. let us know who will be travelling
  2. explore and select your destinations
  3. explore and choose your additional experiences
  4. decide your comfort level
  5. add a range of extras (like WiFi, and a fridge in your safari vehicle!)

The total price is calculated in real time, so you can find the option which best suit your budget. There is no obligation and no credit card is required to make a booking.  Try it now and let your adventure begin!

What's included in the price?
The price we quote (click here for the booking page) includes lodging for each night of your stay in Tanzania, 3 meals per day as well as snacks, water & soft drinks, transportation (by land and/or air, as appropriate for your destination and choice of comfort level) in Tanzania for the duration of your visit (including from and to the airport). The price does not include travel from your point of origin to Tanzania. However, we are happy to advise on flights to and from Tanzania. For more information on getting to Tanzania, click here.

When is the best time for a safari?
Tanzania is gorgeous year-round, but each of the two seasons (Dry & Green) have their own unique landscapes and features. See our FAQ Section or our Booking Page for details.

Where should I go on safari?
Tanzania consistently ranks as the No. 1 safari destination, among travellers and travel experts alike.

The classic Tanzanian safari is the 'Northern Circuit,' which includes (from East to West) ArushaTarangireLake ManyaraNgorongoro Crater & the Serengeti. If you’re up for a challenge, you can add a Kilimanjaro climb, and it’s always a good idea to relax with a beach holiday in nearby Zanzibar as well.

For a more unusual experience, the south of Tanzania is simply incredible, and rates very highly among safari experts. We offer safaris to RuahaSelous and Katavi, all of which offer unique experiences.

For more details about safari destinations (including the wildlife you can expect to see), visit our destination pages (click here).

Which hotels or lodges will I be staying in?
At Kaya Safari, we have relationships with the best hotels & lodges in Tanzania. We make the process easy by selecting the right options, given your timing, itinerary and budget. Using our simple booking system, you let us know where you’d like to visit and when you’d like to travel, and we’ll take care of the details. Before you travel, we will confirm exactly where you will be staying, and we are happy to take requests if there is somewhere in particular you would like to stay!

What is the weather like in Tanzania?
Tanzania has two distinct seasons, Green & Dry, which cause dramatic changes to the landscape. You can read more about temperatures, wildlife viewing conditions etc. by clicking on More Information in the ‘When’ section of our booking page or by visiting our FAQs page.

What is the food like?
Tanzania has excellent tourism infrastructure, including world-class kitchens and chefs. Depending on the level of luxury you prefer, you can expect meals that range from solid to sublime.

What about dietary restrictions?
No problem. Just let us know what you’re after – whether it’s vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher or anything else – and we will do all we can to accommodate your needs. Additional costs may apply, but we’ll let you know up front.

More questions? Click here.  Ready to explore the options? Click here.